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Epsilon Eta Members Halloween Party Photograph, 2001
Gamma Tau Members with Order of the Quill and Xi Achievement Awards Photograph, 2000
Gamma Theta Members with Pikachu at Kids Fair Photograph, 2000
Delta Lambda Chapter Composite, 2008
Theta Pi Chapter Composite, 2007-2008
Lauritson, Kinder, DeGooyer, and Luebrecht with Baby Supplies Photograph, 2000
Theta Gamma Chapter Members with Choose Children Banner, 2000
Julya Horvot and Melissa Oettinger Decorate for Fall Recruitment Photograph, 2000
Cearley, Schafer, Fain, and Fuller Holding Toys Photograph, 2001
Chesapeake Alumnae Association Members with Stuffed Bears Photograph, 2000