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Delta Tau Members at Bowling for Kids' Sake Photograph, February 25, 1996
Al Fuzzie at Theta Lambda Recruitment Photograph, 1993
BetXi Bear Costume Photograph, c. 1990s
Diane Overman and Zoula Zein-Eldin Present Check to Ronald McDonald House Photograph, c. 1990s
Epsilon Rho Chapter Members at Reunion Photograph, Summer 1994
Heath, Charette, and Slaney at Weekend Retreat Photograph, 1996
Epsilon Xi Chapter Members at Children's Evangelical Home Photograph, December 20, 1998
Theta Delta Chapter Installation Photograph, 1990
Theta Gamma Chapter Members by Philanthropy Display Photograph, 1999
Group of Seven at Theta Beta Chapter Initiation Photograph, May 8, 1993