Syracuse University

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Elizabeth G. Van Buskirk to Kay Vaughan Letter, December 14, 1954
Edna E. Brinkman to Gertrude M. Anderson Letter, March 10, 1956
Edna Epperson Brinkman to the 25th Biennial National Convention Letter, 1957
Bertha C. Evans to Gertrude Anderson Letter, September 13, 1956
Gertrude M. Anderson to Bertha Cook Evans Letter, September 14, 1956
Gertrude M. Anderson to Mrs. Kenneth E. Myers Letter, March 20, 1951
Lois Wicks 20th Biennial Convention Name Tag and Ribbon, June 28-July 2, 1941
Honors Breakfast Program, June 27, 1974
The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta, April 1925
The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta, April 1929
Ader, Verian Potts
Adler, Stephanie Leigh
Adler -Sykes, Meredith Anne Adler
Agliata, Katharine Melody
Agresti, Mary Ann
Ainsworth, Amanda J.
Albin, Jayme Renee
Alderman, Margaret Chamberlayne
Alek, Emily Lauren
Alexander, Anna M. Packs