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10K Gold 15-Pearl Quill Badge, c. 1944
Edith Deal World War II Reaction Quote
Frances T. Kuechenmeister to Julia Maude Foster Letter, July 9, 1943
Louise Griffin to Mrs. Beverley Robinson Letter, May 25, 1949
Howard Zody to Mrs. Beverley Robinson Letter, May 26, 1949
Gertrude M. Anderson to Doris Carroll Letter, May 10, 1943
Gertrude M. Anderson to Mrs. M. T. Bruner Letter, November 30, 1946
Memorial Service for Harriett Luella McCollum Transcript, November 1, 1948
Philanthropy History of Alpha Xi Delta, 1993
Cora B. Block Obituary Newspaper Clipping, October 31, 1944