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Shirley Chandler Photograph
Means, Fererra, and Philp with Giant Bear Photograph, 1998
Cearley, Schafer, Fain, and Fuller Holding Toys Photograph, 2001
Bay Area-Galveston Alumnae Present Check to the Ronald McDonald House Photograph, May 12, 1999
Chesapeake Alumnae Association Members with Stuffed Bears Photograph, 2000
Lauritson, Kinder, DeGooyer, and Luebrecht with Baby Supplies Photograph, 2000
Epsilon Rho Chapter Members at Reunion Photograph, Summer 1994
Heath, Charette, and Slaney at Weekend Retreat Photograph, 1996
Epsilon Xi Chapter Members at Children's Evangelical Home Photograph, December 20, 1998
Linda Morrison in the Capettes Drill Team Photograph, 1968-1972