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Group Photograph, c. 1960s
"In Our Chapter" Sheet Music
"The Alpha Goat" Lyric Sheet
Hail Our New Pledges: Epsilon, January 1947
Alpha Xi Delta Pledglings and Little Fraternity Men
Sympathy Extended To
Fraternity Directory for the Biennium 1945-1947
College Chapter Directory, January 1947
Member News: Big Win at Strollers
Chapter Eternal, Summer 2004
Albeck, Michelle Marie Ham
Albrycht, Pamela Jean Vincent
Alexander, Kayla Ann
Alfson, Jane Cliff
Allen, Jessica Melissa
Allen, Jennifer Clarissa
Alpin, Sarah J.B. Sewall
Amundson, Colleen Kay
Anderson, Glendae F. Block
Anderson, Orpha Gran