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24th Alpha Xi Delta National Convention Program, June 15-19, 1955
Quill Craft Display Program, 1939
The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta, April 1925
The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta, April 1929
Foundation Newsletter, 1993
National Convention Chatter of Alpha Xi Delta, Vol. II, No. 1, July 16, 1928
Alpha Mu Chapter House Photograph
Convention Committees Named
Headliners, January 1947, Continued
Hail Our New Pledges: Alpha Mu, January 1947
Abbott, Verona Torbert
Abel, Marilyn
Addams, Martha Jane Miller
Aigler, Lorena Martin
Aitkin, Judith Holly
Alcott, Leslie Joan
Alexander, Mary Wilda Zimmerman
Alexander, Kathryn Knappenberger
Alexander, Judith H
Allen, Dorothy Jean