University of Oregon

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President Betty Unkel and Council Photograph, 1976-1978
Convention Committees Named
Headliners, January 1947, Continued
The Magic of Quality...A Salute to Our Scholars
Hail Our New Pledges: Alpha Lambda, January 1947
San Francisco Backs Panhellenic Show
Seattle Reports Packed Calendar
Alpha Xi Delta Twosomes
Chapter Eternal, January 1947
Sympathy Extended To
Armen, Jeanne C. Huffman
Armstrong, Florence Cooley
Arnot, Margaret Ann Snow
Atwood, Evangeline Rasmuson
Augee, Sara Elizabeth Teague
Austin, Elizabeth Barto Painton
Babcock, Diane L.
Bailey, Amy Alice Brattain
Baker, Beverly Goldthwaite
Baker, Susan Edith Benedict