Georgia State University

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Foundation Newsletter, 1993
Alpha Xi Delta Colonization: West Georgia College Handbook, 1988
Chapter Foundation Hours Report, 1985-1986
Unidentified Member and Margaret Slocum with Award Photograph, 1988
Delta Xi Chapter New Members Photograph, 1965
Group Photograph, c. 1960s-1970s
Chapter Directory 2004
Spotlight on Chapters: Xi Best
Edna Epperson Brinkman Award Winners
Spotlight on Public Relations: Why Are We Never in The Quill?
Abadie, Mariana Bogo
Abello, Buffey Elaine
Abrams, Kathy Rosafay
Acker, Denise Nicole
Adam, Elenor
Adams, Joan Dale McKenzie
Adams, Darlene Allyson
Adams, Teresa Lynn
Aga, Regina Ann Sasser
Ahlers, Brooke Anne