Indiana University Bloomington

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Shirley Chandler in Recording Session Photograph
Group Photograph, c. 1960s
Unkel, Alter, Wert, and Kranz at National Convention Photograph, 1971
Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter Presents Check to American Lung Association Photograph, 1985
Headliners, January 1947, Continued
Hail Our New Pledges: Beta Pi, January 1947
Alumnae Organizations, January 1947
Fraternity Directory for the Biennium 1945-1947
College Chapter Directory, January 1947
Virginia Schaefer and Josephine Tamney with Linens Photograph, January 1947
Adams, Elisa Lee
Adams, Shelley Lee Hutchinson
Adams, Daisy Elizabeth
Adkins, Shirley Marie Chowning
Agler, Marilyn Jean Anderson
Agness, Emily Marie
Agrawal, Nika
Aguilar, Mary Elizabeth
Ailes, Sue Carolyn Schellert
Alb, Carrie Nadene