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"The Alpha Goat" Lyric Sheet
Madra N. Britt to Alpha Xi Delta Sisters Letter, August 10, 1983
Mrs. William Nash to Arkansas Alpha Xi Deltas Letter, April 22, 1961
The Athenaeum Society to Student Activities Committee Memo Draft, 1962
Mrs. Loran M. Thompson to Sue Perry Telegram, December 3, 1962
Helen W. Lynn to Mrs. Block Letter, June 25, 1923
Cora B. Block to Mrs. Lynn Letter, 1923
Betty F. Unkel to Ethel Thompson Memo, September 25, 1972
Betty F. Unkel to Ruth Farkas Memo, September 18, 1972
National Convention Chatter of Alpha Xi Delta, Vol. II, No. 1, July 16, 1928