National Presidents

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C. H. Gaardsmoe to Mrs. George M. Brown Letter, June 22, 1937
Frances T. Kuechenmeister to Julia Maude Foster Letter, July 9, 1943
F. E. Leib to Alpha Xi Delta Letter, February 20, 1962
Helen W. Lynn to Mrs. Block Letter, June 25, 1923
Cora B. Block to Mrs. Lynn Letter, 1923
Cora B. Block to Anna M. Knote Letter, March 20, 1937
Cora B. Block to Helen W. Lynn Letter, September 13-14, 1922
Edna Epperson Brinkman to the 25th Biennial National Convention Letter, 1957
Edna E. Brinkman to Ethel Thompson Card
Bertha C. Evans to Gertrude Anderson Letter, September 13, 1956