1963 Items found
Foundation Newsletter, 1993
National Convention Chatter of Alpha Xi Delta, Vol. II, No. 1, July 16, 1928
National Convention Chatter, June 25-July 1, 1947
Grand Rapids Area Alumnae Founders' Day Luncheon Flier, April 1993
Chapter Foundation Hours Report, 1985-1986
Phi Chapter House Photo Postcard, c. 1940s
Award Winners at CORT Photograph, June 1967
"Serenading Song" Sheet Music 1
"Hail to Thee, Alpha Xi Delta" Sheet Music
"Serenading Song" Sheet Music 2
Adams, Angela Frances
Adams, Jane E. Durman
Addison, Florence Mae Smith
Adgate, Mary Lou Fairbairn
Adrianson, Janine Depew
Ahee, Alexis Shaye
Albarkat, Colby Naomi
Alexander, Nancy Ellen
Ali, Meher N.
Allen, Alta McCombs