Alpha Theta

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Alpha Xi Delta Delegation at the National Panhellenic Conference Photograph
Group at Bigwinn Photograph, 1928
The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta, April 1925
The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity, April 1942
The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta, April 1929
Foundation Newsletter, 1993
National Convention Chatter of Alpha Xi Delta, Vol. II, No. 1, July 16, 1928
National Convention Chatter, June 25-July 1, 1947
Claryce Freeman to Mrs. William Nash Letter, March 13, 1971
So Proudly We Hail the Fraternity Women Speech, 1970
Atwood, Carol Anita Barnes
Baggaley, Elizabeth A Chapman
Baisch, Betty Anne Baker
Baitz, Beverly Spencer Schroeder
Baker, Dorothy Evangel Chapin
Ballentine, Mildred Walrath
Barlow, Martha Crossley
Barmeier, Carlyn June Schmidt
Bartelman, Laura Stuenkel
Barton, Genevieve Chapin