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Charles Talley and A. J. Rogers to Mrs. Beverley Robinson Telegram, December 27, 1951
Eliza C. Everton to Mrs. Lynn Letter, January 30, 1923
C. H. Gaardsmoe to Mrs. George M. Brown Letter, June 22, 1937
Mrs. Ralph L. McKay to Miss Stover Letter, March 1, 1952
Louise Griffin to Mrs. Beverley Robinson Letter, May 25, 1949
Helen W. Lynn to Mrs. Block Letter, June 25, 1923
Cora B. Block to Mrs. Lynn Letter, 1923
Cora B. Block to Helen W. Lynn Letter, September 13-14, 1922
C. Lory to Mrs. McKay Card, December 28, 1953
Marjorie Parker to Mary Jane McKay Letter, January 16, 1954