Alpha Beta

Legacy Item Title
24th Alpha Xi Delta National Convention Program, June 15-19, 1955
22nd National Convention Formal Banquets Program, July 1-5, 1949
Quill Craft Display Program, 1939
The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta, April 1925
The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta, April 1929
National Convention Chatter of Alpha Xi Delta, Vol. II, No. 1, July 16, 1928
National Convention Chatter, June 25-July 1, 1947
The Magic of Quality...A Salute to Our Scholars
Alpha Xi Delta Twosomes
Fraternity Directory for the Biennium 1945-1947
Adams, Anne E. Hill
Adcock, Lois Hayden Webster
Addonisio, Gabriella Rosa
Agblevor, Delali Huei-Ann
Ahart, Stephanie
Ahlers, Erin
Ahmed, Samara Andaleeb
Albino, Sarah Kathleen
Alden, Ann Buchholz
Algert, Emily Taylor